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Transition Strip From Ceramic Tile To Laminate


handyman transition stripChanging flooring surfaces requires an attractive and long lasting solution. In this case, ceramic tile leading up to laminate flooring can be transitioned with various methods. A “T” shaped strip will bridge the gap between the flooring surfaces.

When you are installing flooring, you have to plan on things like this. Have the transition strip on hand so you can determine how large of a gap to leave between the flooring. For this transition strip, a metal channel gets secured in the gap between the two surfaces. Measure the distance of the gap and cut the channel to fit. You can use a hacksaw for this. The channel has evenly spaced holes along the bottom of it. You will secure it to the sub floor with screws or nails. This is usually hammered down into the sub floor to secure it. If you are installing over a concrete slab, use concrete nails or screws. Just be careful swinging a hammer around the edge of ceramic tile…it chips awfully easily.

Once you have the channel secured, the “T” snaps down into it. The leg of the “T” secures into the channel and the top of the strip extends over the two surfaces, which bridges the gap. In addition to the channel, you can use construction adhesive to help keep the ends from lifting.



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