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Clogged Misting System Nozzles


misting system nozzleA misting system works great…when it actually works. These systems need light maintenance due mainly to the water. The water leaves deposits which gradually restrict the tiny orifices in the nozzles until you get a constant drip from the nozzle…without the cooling mist. What you will see is just a puddle of water below the nozzle.

Fortunately, the misting system nozzles can be cleaned out rather easily. You will need to turn the water off to the system and unscrew the misting nozzles. Just the nozzle tip will come off and that is all you need. While you have the tip off, turn the water back on and blow out any debris that may sitting in the line, then turn it back off.

Take the nozzle tips and try soaking them in warm vinegar. You can also try a cleaning solution such as CLR, but read the label first. Vinegar is cheap and most people already have some in their homes. Let them soak for 15 minutes or so and then grab a small brush. Something along the lines of an old toothbrush will work nicely. The deposits should be loosened up by the vinegar and a good brushing will help to remove the build-up. Work the brush inside the tip and outside. Rinse it out and blow air through it. You should be able to hear a slight hissing. When it hisses, you are done. Replace the tip and turn the water back on to test it.


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