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Sliding Shower Doors Need New Bumpers


shower door bumpersIf you have sliding shower doors that bang into the jamb when you close them, you may check to see if the door bumpers are still in place.

It is unusual that the bumpers would break or fall off, but it does happen.. The door bumpers are located in the vertical tracks along each edge of the shower. They are held on to the vertical track by a screw. This screw often goes through the bumper and into the wall. So when you remove the screw to replace the bumper, you may encounter some bite to the screw as you remove it from a wall stud or anchor.

Getting a replacement bumper will likely be the most challenging aspect of this project. You can try a home center, but getting the exact part for the shower door enclosure you have might take you to a specialty company. Realize though, that you don’t need an exact replacement, the purpose of the bumper is to provide a cushion so that the glass door doesn’t slam against the wall. Even if you find something reasonably close, you could always modify it to fit, if necessary.

If a home center doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can try a glass shop. Many glass contractors install custom shower surrounds, and may have the right parts for your shower door.


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