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Shower Drain Cover Loose


shower drain coverIf you constantly wrestle with a drain cover that pops out, you can fix it pretty quickly. The shower drain cover is designed to be removed to clear any clogs in the drain, etc. The cover has holes in it so that the water can drain but so that the holes can catch hair before it flows into and possibly clogs the drain.

Occasionally, the cover won’t stay in place and you may fight with it when showering. So here are some ideas to get it to stay.

Some drain assemblies are plastic and some are metal. I would start with a good cleaning of the surfaces. Some of the covers snap into place but if there is a lot of crud built up into the surfaces, it may not be able to stay in place. Metal covers can be held in place by screws that recede into the surface so that you won’t cut your feet during a shower. For these get replacement screws. Metal covers may also snap or twist back into the assembly.

You can always use a small bead of clear silicone and place it around the perimeter of the lip of the assembly. Then just set the cover into the drain and let the silicone hold it in place. When you need to snake the drain, the cover will be easy to remove.



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