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North Las Vegas Handyman Finds Empty Toilet Trap


toilet emptyWe are a North Las Vegas handyman service doing a variety of repairs throughout the Las Vegas valley. The other day a customer was having a problem with a toilet that continuously ran empty. He would flush the toilet and everything would operate normally. When he returned several hours later, the bowl would have no water in it. He figured he had a leak and started to replace parts in the tank.

Replacing toilet tank parts, such as the fill valve and flapper, are fine but that won’t help the problem of the toilet bowl running dry. Toilet tank parts have to do with the water in the tank, either starting or stopping the flow of water or refilling the tank. Changing the tank parts won’t have any bearing on the bowl holding water.

Although there are instances of a blocked vent actually siphoning water from the toilet bowl, in this case the toilet bowl actually had a crack in the bottom of it. Once the customer flushed the toilet and it stopped refilling, everything seemed normal. Slowly the water would drain out of the crack and into the drain…it didn’t even leak on the floor as the crack was right over the drain. The fix here was to replace the toilet bowl. We were able to line up the bolt pattern and re-use the tank on top of the new bowl.


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