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Align Sliding Shower Doors For Smooth Operation


shower door roller resized 600I received a call from a homeowner that his sliding shower doors were stuck and wouldn’t move. I agreed to come over and take a look.

His shower doors were not aligned in the track properly. These were doors that sit on a bathtub and effectively turn the bathtub into a shower. The same thing can also occur with a standard shower although the doors are much larger and heavier and so it is less likely to happen.

Sliding shower doors have a divider in the middle of the track to keep the doors separated and running true along the length of the track. The divider also prevents the doors from swinging into the shower. In this case, the outermost door had somehow become wedged on top of the divider and became stuck The customer confided that he was trying to adjust the door and lifted it up. That’s when it got stuck and he called for help.

In many cases the divider will crack or break. You can get replacements at any home center and install them easily.

I would not try to remove the doors unless I had to. It is awkward to lift the door up while tilting it to clear the divider and track. Plus, they are somewhat flimsy with a large piece of glass surrounded by a thin metal frame. If you need to adjust them, try lifting up one side, loosening the roller screw, and then adjust the wheel and retighten it.


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