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Close The Gap Between Microwave And Cabinet


microwave hoodHaving a microwave hood is a great feature. It sits right under your wall cabinet directly over your cook top or stove. When it is installed correctly it looks great, but how do you fix a gap in between the bottom of the cabinet and the top of the microwave?

The microwave hood sits on a bracket that is screwed into the wall. The brunt of the weight and stability rests on this wall bracket. The power cord gets threaded through a hole in the cabinet above it. The final adjustment is closing this gap between the microwave and the cabinet.

If you look in the cabinet above the microwave, you will see a screwhead near the front of the opening. This screwhead is attached to a bolt that goes through the bottom of the cabinet and into the top of the microwave. The purpose of the bolt is to hold the front of the microwave and adjust the gap. By turning the screw clockwise, you will close the gap. Always support the microwave from below as you turn the screw, as this will make raising the microwave easier. You want to turn the screw just enough to close the gap. Don’t over tighten the screw.


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