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How Do I Add A Mirror To A Door?


mirror doorAdding a mirror to a bedroom door makes a lot of sense. You can make it as big as the door, or nearly so, and see yourself from head to toe. The only caution is to make sure the mirror is secured sufficiently enough to the door not to break.

Installing the mirror to the door will depend on what type of mirror you buy. Some framed mirrors are sold with the specific intent of mounting to a door. This style of mirror is lightweight and can be mounted to the door with screws and adhesive. Make sure if you are using screws that you are screwing into some solid material. Installing a screw into a hollow core door will not hold. Screwing into a solid core door will offer more meat for the screw threads to bite into.

I would use a lightweight mirror and use adhesive and clips to mount it to the door. You can buy mirror clips at any home center. They are shaped like the letter “L” and have a groove that the mirror slides into. As you tighten the clip it clamps down on the edge of the mirror. These clips combined with adhesive should make for a lasting hold.

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