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Repairing A Cut On Vinyl Flooring


vinyl tileVinyl flooring is inexpensive and can last for many years. It is the first choice for homeowners on a budget because of its cost and durability. However, it can become damaged if you drop something on it or slide a heavy object on its surface.

This will usually result in a cut or scuff and it will stand out noticeably. If the damage is very small, for example a small flap has lifted, you may be able to get away with some adhesive and seam sealer and hope that it looks okay. If not, you may be looking at cutting a piece of vinyl off of a scrap and placing it in the damaged area.

The key here is to get a good match. In many cases, the installer will have some vinyl left over and will roll it up and put give it to you. Always take the extra for situations like this. Warm up the vinyl with a hair dryer and lay a piece over the damaged area. Match up the pattern, if there is one, and cut through both pieces simultaneously. It’s good to use a square for a guide. Once you have cut all four sides, lift the replacement patch. You will have cut an exact match for the damaged lower piece. Scrape up the damaged piece below and clean any adhesive from the underlayment.

Lay down some new adhesive and let it get tacky according to the manufacturers instructions. Once you lay the new piece of vinyl in place of the damaged piece, roll it down and after it dries use a seam sealer for the edges.


Your tip was really excellent. Thanks for giving.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 31, 2011 12:31 AM by Vinyl Tile Mesa
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