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Replace Weatherstrip At Front Door


door weatherstripIf you can see daylight around your door, you are allowing outside air into your air conditioned house. Weatherstrip stops this. It forms a barrier around the perimeter of the door and blocks the air from entering. Without weatherstrip, it’s like having a window partially open.

There are several types of weatherstrip. You can use the peel & stick type, but I don’t much care for this as it requires replacement more regularly. There is rigid metal with compressive hollow tubing on it, and there is the kerf style. I like the kerf style the best, but you have to have the correct door for it. If you look in between the door stop and the door jamb, you should see a small groove. This is the kerf, and the kerf weatherstrip simply gets wedged in this groove.

You can remove the old kerf style weatherstrip by simply pulling it out of the groove. It is held in place by friction. Install the new strip by pushing it into the kerf. Don’t use anything that might cut the weatherstrip, like a screwdriver. Try using a wooden paint stir stick to gently push the weatherstrip into the kerf. This style of weatherstrip has a foam leg encased in vinyl that juts out of it and seals against the door as it closes.


Great post, this is an area all of us should be looking at. Not very good at maintaining my house but am very good at helping my customers!  
Posted @ Tuesday, January 25, 2011 12:56 PM by Temecula Handyman
I am looking for an handyman to replace the front door.This is around Cumberland railway station,chicago(60656)--close to Schiller part/Ohare airport
Posted @ Thursday, January 23, 2014 6:46 PM by bob
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