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Junction Box Protects Electric Wiring


electric junction boxWe get many calls to correct minor electric wiring issues. One of the most basic is either adding a junction box or even just the junction box cover.

I see it all the time. Go into an attic where a homeowner has added a light, a switch, or anything that would require him to cut into an electrical cable and you would see danger. Homeowners generally mean well, but there are some practices that are frightening.

Take for example the practice of taping wires together. I’m not talking about taping wires together inside of a junction box (which still isn’t safe), rather these wires are just taped together hanging freely inside of an attic. Wow.

When you make an electrical connection you need to place the cables inside of a junction box with a cover. At the point the cables enter the junction box, they are held in place with cable clamps. The cable sheathing extends past the clamps to protect the wires. Inside the box the sheathing is removed and the ends of the wires are stripped of the insulation. The wires are connected with the appropriate sized wire nut. The wires are carefully folded inside the box with no sharp bends, and the box cover is installed.



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