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Ceiling Fan Pull Chain


ceiling fan switchA ceiling fan turns on and off by either a wall switch, remote switch, or pull chain. The pull chain is attached to a switch inside the ceiling fan that will sometimes stop working. The switch is plastic and repetitive pulling or yanking will crack it which necessitates replacement.

You can buy a new pull chain switch for just a few dollars and will take under 30 minutes to replace. If you have a light kit on the bottom of the fan you will need to remove it.

Follow the pull chain up into the base of the fan and you will see the switch. The pull chain switch will have two wires at the rear and the chain at the front, and the switch well be held in place with a small retaining nut. There will either be a wiring harness that plugs together, or you may have wires held together with small wire nuts.

If your fan uses wire nuts, it is a matter of replacing the wires of the old switch with the wires of the new one. If you have a harness, you will need to cut the wires that lead to the switch and secure the wires of the new switch to them. It’s a good idea to mark the wires when cutting them. You can use wire nuts to secure the wires together.

Replace the retaining nut to hold the new switch in place and reassemble the fan.



do you, by any chance, have any pics you could post? 
they'd be really helpful..
Posted @ Thursday, June 23, 2011 11:13 AM by Esther
I have being finding a place where i can purchase or buy a nice ceiling fan for my house but thanks for your post.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 17, 2012 3:29 AM by William Ruto
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