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Flush Debris From Sprinkler Repair


sprinkler repairWhen you are working on a sprinkler repair you will likely have to dig up the ground to some extent. This is going to get messy and when you start repairs to the sprinkler system, you invariable will allow dirt and debris into the system. Even if a sprinkler head needs to be replaced, even the act of unscrewing it from the riser will cause debris to fall into the riser. If this debris isn’t removed from the system, the water pressure will push it to the sprinkler head and it will usually block water from exiting the head. That means dead landscaping.

The key is to remove this dirt and debris before you put the system back into operation. If you have to repair an underground pipe, after you make the repairs to the pipe, go remove some of the sprinkler heads and turn the system on. This will shoot water and whatever debris is in the system out of the risers where the sprinkler heads have been removed, clearing the system. If you are just replacing a sprinkler head, before you reinstall the head, turn the system on to blow the debris out. Then screw the sprinkler head back on.


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