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Installing Trim around An Attic Ladder


attic ladderAfter you install an access ladder, you will have a fairly unattractive rough finish. You can dress it up alot by installing molding around the perimeter of the opening. Think of how your front door would look if you didn't have any trim around it. You would see gaps and wood shims around the perimeter. It's the same thing with an attic ladder.

To trim out an attic ladder, cut the wood shims so that they are flush with the ceiling. This will make it so that the trim will sit flat against the ceiling.

You can select whatever size and style of molding you like, but it is very helpful to have a power miter saw to cut the angles at the corners. You will have to measure and cut 4 lengths of molding, with a miter cut of 45-degrees on each end of each piece of molding. Instead of cutting all pieces at once, I cut the first piece and move around the opening one piece at a time. It makes for a much more accurate installation.

To secure the molding to the ceiling, Use a nail gun if you have one, otherwise you can use 4d finishing nails and a hammer.



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