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How To Cut Through Stucco For A Dog Door


stucco dog doorCutting a hole in the side of your house may seem daunting. If you are going to install a dog door, or something else requiring a hole, you’re just going to have to do it. There are as many ways and tools to cut stucco as there are people that have done it. So don’t be afraid, just careful.

My weapon of choice is a grinder with a masonry blade, but you can use a variety of tools for the job. You can use a circular saw with a masonry blade, or even a carborundum blade in it, but they don’t cut as well as a masonry blade. I would refrain from using a reciprocating saw. They cut very aggressively and can’t cut as shallow as a round blade.

Before you plunge a blade in the wall, do some investigating first. Run a stud finder on the inside of the wall to check for obstructions, look for the possibility of power lines, gas lines, or water lines where you want the hole. If you cut a hole and find these, you will either have to re-route them or cut a hole in a different location.

Draw an outline of the hole on the stucco and cut the hole just deep enough to get through the material. You may have only foam board behind the stucco, or you may have wood sheeting. Use tools that will cause the least amount of damage. Don’t cut too deep without knowing for certain that there isn’t a pipe or other obstruction behind the wall.


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Posted @ Tuesday, March 11, 2014 7:17 AM by Stucco Contractor Toronto
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