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Installing A Dual-Flush Toilet Conversion Kit


dual flush toilet I had the opportunity to install a new dual flush toilet flush kit recently. These are the kits that give you the handle with two halves. The top half is depressed for a partial flush for liquids, and the bottom half gives you a full flush for solids. The kit costs about $20.00 and claims is will save 15,000 gallons of water (assuming a family of 4 with the kit being installed on the most commonly used toilet).

The kit includes a handle replacement, but the magic is in the flapper replacement mechanism. It doesn't look anything like the flapper you have in there now. It looks more like a tower with a float mechanism built into it. Rotate it to separate it and place the lower half where your old flapper was. This part gets clamped onto the overflow pipe of your flush valve and held in place with a rubber ring and zip-tie. The top half gets placed onto it and is snapped together.

Running from the flapper tower is a cable that connects to the new handle. This is an easy replacement and the cable easily mounts to the handle.

Installing the entire kit will take just a few minutes but the trick is in tuning it up. I started with all settings on the most lean settings so that the least amount of water drains out of the tank (in this case both adjustments will be in the fully up position). The adjustments can be made for both the partial flush and full flush. For me the full flush worked fine in the most lean position. However the partial flush will take some getting used to.

For flushing liquids, you press the top button. This isn't so much of a partial flush as it is a rinse. The flapper lifts up for just a brief time to let a quick rinse of the sides of the bowl, but never really flushes the liquid. In the most lean position, the partial rinse basically mixes with the urine but doesn't flush it down the bowl. As you adjust the partial flush to use more water, the liquid will actually flush down the bowl. In the "full down" position, the partial flush will actually flush a small amount of paper along with it. It is a matter of fine-tuning the mechanism for your toilet.


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