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How To Remove A Tub Spout


tub spoutIf you need to replace a tub spout, you may find it a challenge to remove the old one. Tub spouts connect in a variety of different ways, and some are easy and some more challenging.

The old tub spout may simply unscrew from the nipple sticking out of the wall, or it may be attached to a bare pipe and held in place with a setscrew. It’s smart to get a small mirror (like a small cosmetic mirror) and hold it underneath the tub spout. This is where the set screw will be, if your tub spout is held on using one. Angle the mirror so that you can see the bottom of the spout and look for the screw. If you see the screw, use the appropriate sized allen wrench and remove it from the tub spout. This will allow you to pull the tub spout free from the bare copper pipe. It uses a rubber O-ring to keep the water from leaking, so you may have to put a little elbow grease into it.

If there is no set screw, the tub spout should be attached to a threaded fitting. Try gently unscrewing the tub spout from the threaded fitting coming from the wall. These fittings can be in either ½” or ¾” diameter, although ½” is far more common.



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