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Repairing Torn Drywall Paper


drywall paperIf you have ever removed wallpaper from drywall, you know the situation is ripe for tearing the paper on the drywall face. Drywall paper can get torn from a variety of causes….from a pet to moving furniture.

The problem with tearing the paper on the drywall face is that it will suck up wetness from the drywall compound and leave you with a blemish on your drywall repair. You can sand and paint all you want, but you will still have a noticeable patch because of this.

You can remove the torn areas as best you can using a razor blade. Your finished product should look something like a smooth piece of cardboard. You don’t want a bunch of torn fibers poking up above the surface. Next you want to seal the paper. You can use Kilz or another stain sealer on the area. Spray or brush the sealer on the paper area and just outside the border. A few coats of this works nicely and it dries fast.

Once the sealer has dried you can repair the area with drywall compound, letting each coat dry before the next one is applied. Float the area with the appropriate width taping knife and finish as normal. Here is an article on drywall repairs.


Shellac I find is also very good. When it dries Just give it a light sanding to get rid of the fibres. I usually give this type of repair two coats of plaster. The first coat of plaster is directly over top of the damaged area completely covering it, (but don't leave a big lumpy here) keep it smooth to the wall. Let this dry and into the light skin coat over top of the whole repair tapering and overlap onto the good portion of the wall. This will give you a nice unnoticeable transition.
Posted @ Monday, November 29, 2010 6:47 AM by Toronto painters
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