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Install A Widespread Bathroom Faucet


bathroom faucetWhen choosing a new bathroom faucet, you can choose the deck mounted faucet or the widespread faucet. The difference is on a widespread faucet you can see the countertop between each handle and the spout. On a deck mounted faucet, the handles and spout are all attached to the body of the faucet. Widespread faucets are cleaner looking, but also more expensive. They are also more challenging to install.

Each handle and spout will mount independently of each other. As you place each through the holes in the sink or countertop, use plumbers putty under each and secure each with a series of washers and nuts. There will be a handle specifically for the cold side and the hot side.

After securing the spout, you will install a tee fitting on it so that the holes in the fitting are oriented to the hot and cold handles. There will be a series of gaskets, o-rings and nuts that hold this fitting underneath the spout. You will connect each handle to the tee fitting under the spout with hoses. Tighten the hoses but don’t allow them to kink. You can loop them to avoid kinking them.

Finally connect the water supply that feeds each handle valve. You can use a standard water supply line for this from the angle stop to the handle valve. Connect the sink stopper to the faucet pull rod. Tighten all connections and turn the water back on to test for leaks.


I always prefer a widespread faucet over deck mounted faucet as a widespread faucet looks better for bathroom faucet as it gives a neater feel to the overrall bathroom feel
Posted @ Thursday, October 13, 2011 1:02 PM by Mike Stanson
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