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Shower Remodel With A Curved Curtain Rod


shower remodelSome people might consider this the cheapest shower remodel around. If you use a shower curtain and straight rod, you might consider installing a curved rod instead. It actually makes the seemingly cramped shower more roomy. It’s not more roomy, but it since you have more space up near your head and shoulders, it sure feels roomier.

Installing a curved shower rod is only slightly more difficult than a straight rod. With a straight rod, installation is as simple as twisting the rod until enough tension is placed on the rod to hold it up. With a curved rod, you will need to fasten it to the wall.

An important aspect of the installation is placement. Since the rod is curved, you want the curve centered at the curve of the tub/shower. The ends of the curved rod usually mount closer to shower hardware so that the arc of the rod aligns properly with the edge of the tub/shower.

Once you have the placement of the rod laid out and level secure the hardware to the wall. Installing into wall studs is best, but if you are going through ceramic tile, you will need to use a glass/tile bit and a hollow wall anchor, which is included in many of the kits. Then it’s a matter of threading the shower curtain on the rod and cleaning up.


I have been installing these for awhile. I like the look and feel since i am big guy my self. Just make sure You have the right tools to do the job. Mainly the drill bit, ask local hardware store for advise. 
Posted @ Thursday, October 28, 2010 12:02 AM by bill
We do property maintenance for several large townhome and condominium complexes in New Jersey and I am going to make this suggestion to our property managers as an easy and inexpensive upgrade for some of the units. 
Thanks Again,
Posted @ Thursday, October 28, 2010 7:41 PM by New Jersey Condo Maintenance
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