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Sprinkler Repair For Black Poly Drip Line


sprinkler repairIf you have a drip system for your landscape, invariably you will have to make repairs to it. Sprinkler repair for drip lines is not complicated as you don’t need pipe glue at all. It is all held in place with barbed fittings which works due to a pressure reducer at the beginning of the system.

Most of the repairs you will see will be when a drip line blows off of the larger hose. If the drip emitter or line has blown off of the hose, the hole is likely frayed and I wouldn’t use it again. Instead, use a goof plug to plug the hole and poke a new hole into the tube and reinstall the drip line.

If a drip emitter has blown off of a micro tube, you may be able to push the emitter back in, or if the tube is stretched out a bit, you may have to trim the tube slightly before pushing the emitter back in.

Occasionally, a ½” fitting will separate and leak. I see this with “T” fittings more often than straight fittings. The barbed sleeve will separate from the fitting and leak. I would replace the fitting. You will need to remove the broken fitting from the tubing by pulling as you twist it off of the pipe. There really isn’t a lot of options here as there is not much play in the tubing for you to cut it and hope that it will still be long enough to connect.


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