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Sprinkler Repair For Brown Grass


sprinkler repairSprinkler Repair For Brown Grass

If you have a patch of dry brown grass, you probably need a sprinkler repair. If your grass was green and lush previously, you need to figure out what happened to make it turn brown. Start off checking the sprinkler system.

Turn on the sprinkler valve (either manually or by the automatic irrigation timer) that controls that section of grass. Check to see that the sprinkler heads all pop up and spray correctly. In many cases the sprinkler head is clogged with debris and although it stands up, it doesn't spray. It may also be that that the riser (the threaded nipple that connects the sprinkler head to the PVC elbow) is cracked and causing a puddle when you turn the sprinklers on. If this is the case, the sprinkler head will usually wobble when you try to move it around.

Depending on the type of sprinkler head, you may be able to unscrew the top and turn the water back on to blow out the debris. You may also need to pick out the debris from the spray opening. Otherwise, unscrew the entire sprinkler head and turn the water on to blow out any debris in the line. Clean out the head and screw it back on and test it.

If the riser is broken, you will need to replace it after you remove the broken one. You may be able to grab it with pliers, or you may have to use an extractor. Cut the new one to length and screw it in.

When you have the sprinkler head and riser out, be careful not to let dirt and debris enter the system from the surrounding turf.


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