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How To Remove Sink Faucet Handles


sink faucetIf you need to remove sink faucet handles, you might be scratching your head. Manufacturers do a pretty good job concealing the means to remove them. There are some tell-tale signs though that they are made to be removed. Generally, the less expensive the faucet, the easier it is so see how to remove the handles.

Most faucet handles are held in place with a screw through the top of the handle and then covered by some type of cap. Sometimes the caps are very conspicuous and sometimes they are the entire top of the handle. Look for a small seam that you can pry up with a small screwdriver or blade. Be careful here though as you want to pry off the cap, but don’t want to scratch the faucet handle.

Other faucet handles are held in place with a small setscrew. These are not obvious as a set screw, but rather reside in a small hole somewhere on the handle. Look for a small hole near the base of the handle that you can insert an Allen wrench into to remove the setscrew and pull off the handle.

Finally, some faucets have lever-style handles where the base of the handle screws off of the faucet. This one is the least obvious methods of holding the faucet handle to the body. Grab the bulbous end near the base of the faucet and unscrew it. With the handle off, you can service the faucet.



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