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Caulk Shower Door Track


caulk shower doorsWhether you are installing a shower door for a walk-in shower or a set of bathtub doors for a surround, there is a small step that homeowners overlook. Caulking the shower door track will help prevent water from getting under the track and leaking.

This important step is done at the beginning of the installation and creates a seal between the bottom of the track and the top of the shower lip or bathtub.

After you measure the opening for the bottom track and cut the track to fit, you will trace a couple of lines with a pencil on either side of the track. Remove the track and then you will lay down a couple of thick beads of caulking inside the two pencil lines. Replace the track setting it down into the caulking so that it lies inside of the pencil lines and compresses into the caulk. This will make it so that water won’t be able to get under the track and leak outside of the enclosure.

Once the track is in position, use painter’s tape and tape the track in several different locations to hold it in place until the side pieces are mounted to firmly hold it in place. Without the tape to hold it in place, the track will tend to move around until the caulking firms up.


Thank you for that post! I install shower doors also and I use Crl's mildew resistant silicone what kind do you use. Here is a link to the info. http://twshowerdoors.com/id106.html what kind of silicone do you use?
Posted @ Monday, December 13, 2010 8:15 AM by Wayne Holloway
HELP..I followed the directions as per plumbers caulk suggested. Waited 48 hours before using and I still have water getting under the track. What can I do? Does it have to be completely redone?
Posted @ Monday, January 10, 2011 8:31 PM by Theresa Williams
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