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Attic Ladder Trim Molding Installation


attic ladderIf you don’t have an attic ladder, you are missing out. Depending on how your attic is framed, you may have to stoop or you may be able to walk in there. Here is an article on how to install an attic ladder. It takes basic carpentry skills and tools that most homeowners already have.

After the attic ladder is installed, you will have a gap around the perimeter of the ladder. This gap will span from the attic ladder frame to the edge of the drywall that you cut to install the ladder unit. It is a little unsightly, but you can cover the gap with trim molding.

This type of carpentry trim job doesn’t have to be perfect as the attic ladder is usually not in a conspicuous place. A lot of times it is in the garage, and people just aren’t as concerned with how it looks as they would be if it were in, for example, the living room.

You can buy a length of door trim or baseboard molding…whatever profile you like. Use a miter saw (power is better) and cut the lengths at 45-degree angles. A finish nailer works great for this but you can always resort to a hammer and 4d finish nails. The most important thing about installing trim molding around the attic ladder is that the molding must not interfere with the operation of the ladder. So make sure you give a little room between the nose of the trim and the ladder.

If you feel froggy, you can caulk around the perimeter of the trim and paint it to match.



the molding around the attic stairs coming apart, what do suggest?
Posted @ Sunday, February 24, 2013 11:22 AM by Thomas Anti
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