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Repair A Sliding Glass Door Latch


sliding glass doorWhen your sliding glass door doesn’t cooperate, it’s time to break out the tools. With latching and locking problems, you need to look to the handle and latch assembly. The handle has an integrated latch that mates with a “keep” on the door frame. The keep looks somewhat like a hook and can be adjusted by two screws. This holds to door tight to the frame and keeps the opening secure.

If you have to push hard to get the latch and the keep to align or have to push on the latch extra hard, you might benefit from a simple latch assembly adjustment and maybe some lubrication.

With the door open, cycle through the locking mechanism at the latch several times. It should easily move into the locking position. If not, use some spray lubrication and spray the moving parts inside the opening and again cycle through the movement to spread the lubricant around.

Now partially close the door and extend the latch. You want to make sure it is properly aligned with the keep on the jamb. If they are slightly off, slightly loose the keep and move it up or down so that it mates perfectly with the latch assembly.

Although you may not have a keep that looks like a hook (it may look like an opening on the jamb), you will still be able to adjust the latch/keep for easy locking.


This doesn't at all tell how to repair a sliding glass door latch - it's broken. It doesn't move. How do I repair a sliding glass door latch? Try again 
Posted @ Saturday, December 31, 2011 4:42 PM by linwit
The latch/lock on my sliding glass door will not open. I have taken off the handles and plates. I cannot get latch to move, therefore cannot open door to fix it. What do I do ?
Posted @ Saturday, August 25, 2012 11:58 AM by Peter Clark
Unless you are experienced in home repair and renovation, installation of a sliding glass door is usually best left to the experts. In brief, the steps involved in installation are prepping the existing wall, removing the old studs, building the opening, and installing the door.
Posted @ Thursday, February 14, 2013 5:46 AM by London Architects
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