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Shower Faucet Handle Replacement


shower faucet handleShower faucet handles get damaged, particularly plastic handles. They are held in place with one screw and an aggressive turning when it has bottomed-out will crack it and necessitate replacement. That’s not to say that metal handles don’t get damaged, they can also get damaged if someone slams their hand against it to turn off the water abruptly. It’s just that plastic gets damaged more frequently because it is not as strong.

You can replace the handle easily enough, as I said, just one screw holds it to the stem. You don’t have to buy the exact handle either. Just keep in mind that as long as you stay with the same manufacturer, the new handle will fit. In other works, if you have a Moen faucet, you can use any Moen handle. Don’t try to install a Delta handle on a Moen faucet as they each have a different mating pattern.

The screw to remove the handle is going to be located under the plastic cap. You can use a standard screwdriver and slide it under the cap to pry it off. Then just remove the screw, replace the handle and screw it back on.

For metal handles, there is usually a setscrew located on the underside of the handle. Remove the setscrew and the handle should pull right off.


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