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Does Your Light Switch Buzz Or Humm?


light switchIf your light switch makes noise...that's not good. If it makes noise, it likely is a buzzing or humming noise. There are a couple of possible reasons for this,and it the problem needs to be fixed immediately.

For the most part, light switches are cheap. Except for the contact terminals, light switches are made of plastic and they can break easily if someone slams their hand against it, but that likely is not causing the buzzing noise.

The buzzing or humming noise usually comes from where a wire connects to a terminal.

It may be that the terminal is damaged or corroded, but you will find that there is a loose or bad connection here. If there is corrosion, resistance can even make the switch warm to the touch. A loose connection causes heat and can obviously lead to bigger problems.

The solution is to replace the light switch. Also, if any of the ends of the copper wires are dirty or have corrosion on them, you can clean them up with some sandpaper. Turn the power off before you start working on the switch.

Here is some information on how to replace a light switch. Make sure that when you re-install the light switch the wires are snug in the terminals to avoid problems.



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