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How To Unclog Your Misting System Installation


misting systemAfter your misting system installation, it cooled everything down wonderfully. But now after some use,you notice that some of the misting heads don’t spray at all and some just drip. That sure won’t cool down the patio table.

Scale and deposits have a way of blocking the tiny orifice in the sprayer heads. You will have to disassemble the heads and clean them up so that they will spray again. The tips of the sprayers are what you are after. Use a small wrench and unscrew the tip while holding the body of the sprayer still so it won’t move. You can heat up some water mixed with vinegar in a bowl and let the tips soak in there for a while. After about 15 minutes, use an old toothbrush and brush away the scale. You can also try a product like CLR.

Once you have brushed and cleaned the tips, blow some air through them to make sure that the airway is clear. You will probably hear a slight hissing sound. After that you can screw the tips back onto the misting system and turn the water on to test for good operation.

You can install a filter onto your system, but in reality, this is a maintenance job that you will have to repeat at some point depending on use.


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