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Removing Concrete Advice From A Handyman


breaking up concreteTake it from a handyman: breaking up concrete is tough work. For the most part, with new homeowners they are looking to get rid of the small 3 foot pad at the back door so they can put in a larger pad, or some stone work. Even a small pad is tough and you will be surprised by the amount of debris it creates.

First of all, make sure you work safely. That means eye, ear, and breathing protection (particularly if you will be sawing the pad), as well as heavy gloves.

You can certainly rent a jackhammer, but for most of us a small pad isn’t worth it. That leaves a sledgehammer or a concrete saw for your choices. For a small pad, I would go with the sledgehammer. For this size pad, you can nibble away at the edges breaking up the concrete into manageable sized pieces. You are going to have to repeatedly hit the same spot a few times to get the concrete to crack and break apart (the small pads typically don’t have rebar in them). Also, once you start to break apart pieces, you can use a lever and slightly lift the edge of the pad up and then hit it. In this manner, the pad will break in only one or two strikes.



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