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Stopping Hair From Clogging Your Plumbing Drain


plumbing drain clogIf you have people in your house with long hair, chances are your drains may get clogged a little more often than other peoples drains. Plumbing is funny that way. If I walked into a master bathroom with 2 sinks, I could probably tell which of the sinks the female used (assuming her hair is longer than the male's) and which one the male used...simply by the smell. As hair goes down the drain, and gets caught in the trap, or the sink stopper linkage, it starts to degrade and you typically get an ammonia smell.

The trick is to stop the hair from going down the drain. You can buy small screens that do a nice job is stopping the majority of hair from going down the drain. One brand is a "Hair Snare", but there are several that will work.

To install one in your shower, you can remove the drain cover and set the screen in place and then re-secure the drain cover. Other styles just drop over the drain. Note that sometimes these will cause the cover to rise up slightly and you will get a small amount of water that puddles around the drain cover. When you see water backing up, you know its time to remove the screen and get rid of all the hair that has collected in it.


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