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Copper Adhesive Makes For Quick Plumbing Repair


plumbing repairIf you've ever been a little nervous to fire up a torch and heat up copper piping hot enough to melt solder...join the crowd. It is a test of fortitude to stand with a torch hissing fire to repair a plumbing leak or extend a copper line. Copper adhesive might be your answer. It is sold under various brand names but they all do the same thing: make copper pipes and fittings stick together and not leak.

I have used Copper Bond before and I like it. It comes in a syringe-style package with a plunger and when you depress the plunger, it pushes out 2 compounds side-by-side. These compounds are then thoroughly mixed and applied to the mating surfaces of the copper being connected.

Before you apply the adhesive, clean the surfaces as if you were soldering copper pipes. Use sanding cloth and a wire brush to get the surfaces to shine. Then apply a thin film of the adhesive to both the exterior of the pipe and the interior of the fitting. Push them together and give it a slight twist. After the appropriate drying time (usually 30 minutes) you can turn the water back on and check for leaks. If you have a leak, you can use a torch and heat up the joint. This will allow you to pull the copper apart and re-glue the joint.


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