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Different Ways To Cut PVC For Plumbing Repair


cut pvcThere are many different methods to cut PVC when doing a plumbing repair, and much of it will depend on where the PVC is located. Is it accessible in the garage or is it below ground at the sprinkler valves?

If the pipes are accessible and you have the room, you can use a traditional hacksaw. This will make quick work of cutting the pipe, but the edge will be rough and will leave burrs around the cut which you will have to remove before you glue the pipe. If access is limited, you can use a one-handed hacksaw, which is basically a small handle with a hacksaw blade sticking out of it. This will also leave a rough cut.

You may also choose a pipe cutting tool that revolves around the pipe as you apply more pressure through the cutting wheel. This tends to leave a small flare at the end of the pipe, but it is a clean cut.

For areas where space is restricted, you can use a wire saw. This works well when the pipe is below ground. You simply thread the wire under the pipe and alternate the pull stroke with either arm. This will cut the pipe and leave a fairly clean cut.

The PVC cutting tool I like best looks like a large pair of scissors. You open the jaws, place the blades where you want the cut and start squeezing. This tool has a ratcheting mechanism that allows for a slow, clean cut. The only warning here though, is to make sure the blades are sharp. If not, at the end of the cut, the pipe will tend to break off rather than cut cleanly.


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