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Garage Door Quick Release Handle


garage door openerHave you ever been locked in your garage? You might laugh but it happens...you are late for work, you press the button to open the garage door so you can pull your car out and...nothing. Repeated pushes on the button are fruitless.

Your garage door opener won't open for a number of reasons. If the power is out, if the unit is broken, if the torsion spring is broken, etc. So how do you get out?

The garage door opener is connected to the front wall by a steel rail. Along this rail rides a carriage that attaches to the garage door by a steel arm. This carriage has a handle attached to a cord than typically dangles in the air. If you pull this handle downward, it will disengage the door from the opener and allow you to lift the door by hand. The door will be heavier than you think so you might have to put some elbow grease on it to lift it up. If the torsion spring is broken (the black coil/spring above the door), the door will be very difficult to move. This spring is under tremendous pressure and when it breaks, it will often disengage the cables on the side of the door that help it to move. The long and the short of it is that even if you disengage the door from the opener, you still may not be able to move it.



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