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Landscape Lighting Cable Repair


landscape lightAs you walk up your driveway you notice that half of your landscape lights are on and the other half is off. There goes the weekend. If all of the lights are on up to a certain point and then they are all off, you likely have a damaged cable (the other possibility is that the lights are run by two separate transformers, and maybe one of them needs to be reset).

You can repair the cable, but first you have to locate it. You can get an idea for where it is by following it from the landscape light that is working. It will have a connection from the light to the cable. The cable generally isn't very deep, but you will have to do a little digging. Once you find the cable, look for a break or damage to it. Most of these are pretty obvious as you will see rust from where water has entered an opening in the cable.

You can cut out the bad section of cable and use a cable splice to reconnect the cable. You can find a lot of suggestions on splicing cable that include soldering, etc. I like the splices that are small ridged sections that have sharp points to pierce the cable and maintain the electrical path (they are referred to as "pierce-point"). Some are filled with silicone or jell to fight against water intrusion. Whatever type of splice you choose, make sure they are specifically for direct burial.


Super advice! It turned out that the cable WAS the problem! Thank you & now up and working again.
Posted @ Sunday, May 08, 2011 11:40 AM by mappy
I have found that my problem is the the little plastic on/off timer clips. I think they are worn down and will no longer work. Any ideas on where or whom I can purchased replacements from??
Posted @ Friday, December 30, 2011 12:06 PM by Brian
can the sockets in the fence lighting be replace? I'm looking for the little black hard plastic holder in the half moon fence lights.
Posted @ Friday, July 06, 2012 10:40 AM by John Jones
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