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Shower Door Repair Only Takes A Screwdriver


sliding tub doorsIf you're at the point where you have to lift up your sliding tub doors to get into the shower, you need to do a little door repair. It is usually the case that the wheels at the top of the door need to be adjusted.

Sliding tub doors, or sliding shower doors, hang from a rail at the top of the opening. There are wheels at the top of these doors that ride in grooves on the rail. Over the course of time, gravity and water play a role in throwing these doors out of alignment. There are a set of wheels on each side of the door. In many cases, it is only one side or the other that needs to be adjusted, and you can do it with just a screwdriver.

Before you try adjusting the door rollers, make sure that the rollers are in the track. Many times, the rollers have come out of the track and the door gouges the bottom rail. If you see metal shavings and scratches, this is probably what has happened. Once the rollers are back into the track you can decide if they need adjusted.

A phillips head screwdriver is all that is needed to adjust the wheels. You typically have to remove the door out of the top track to gain access to the screw. Lift up the door and swing it out to remove it. If you loosen the screw and move the wheels downward, the door will ride higher, that is to say there will be a larger gap between the bottom rail and the bottom of the door. This is good if your door has been grinding the bottom of the rail. Adjust each wheel assembly until the door is level and can fully close to each side of the tub or shower. This will also help to prevent water from leaking out of the tub/shower enclosure.

If the wheels are damaged or broken, take them with you to get a replacement. When you get them back home, replace and adjust them.


How do you remove the doors? The roller from the door has become loose and I need to reinsert it.
Posted @ Saturday, May 07, 2011 8:27 PM by Ricky
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