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Shower Enclosure Leak May Be Lack Of Caulking


tub door enclosureYou get done showering and there is water on the floor outside of the shower. How does this happen? Well, if you are the owner of a tub/shower enclosure (aka tub doors), it may be the result of a poor installation and lack of caulking.

Many people get tired of a shower curtain. You have a tub/shower combo and finally decide to install some sliding doors on the top of the tub. If these aren't installed correctly, you can get a leak, particularly if they haven't correctly done shower caulking.

The tracks to these types of doors are secured to the top of the tub with a couple of thick beads of caulking, which will keep water from running underneath the track and over the top of the tub. This bottom track is held in place by the side rails which sit in the bottom track and keep it place. This connection must be caulked or when water gets into the track it will leak out and over the tub. These side tracks are then screwed into the walls of the surround.

Once the enclosure is in place, the inside perimeter of the tub enclosure is caulked to keep water from leaking. You should have caulking under the bottom track, where the side tracks meet the bottom track, and along the inside perimeter of the enclosure.

Additionally, the tub doors should be adjusted so that they completely close against the side rails.


The other thing people need to think about is the type of caulking to use. Yes you may have just paid a lot for the shower door, do not try to save on caulking. Make sure You use enough, the right kind like Polyseam seal.$1.97 versus $7.99 could save You $100s later due to water damage.
Posted @ Sunday, October 31, 2010 5:19 PM by bill
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