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You Can Replace Your Broken Mirror Yourself


broken mirrorKids like to throw things right? Would you like to guess what happens when your child throws a shoe at your mirror? That's right. You get to replace the mirror.

Removing a broken mirror can be dangerous. They are sharp and additional pieces can fall off of the wall and shatter while you are working on or around them. Always use gloves and eye protection when doing this. After removing what's left of the mirror on the wall, you will likely have some drywall holes...in some installations hot adhesive is used and removing the mirror can leave some holes in the wall. You can certainly do some drywall repairs, but they don't have to be pretty as you will be covering up the area with the new mirror anyway.

You can use mirror mastic to glue the mirror to the wall. This is sold in tubes and fit into a caulking gun. Basically, you will lay down some thick beads of the mirror mastic and push the mirror to the wall. If you aren't using any other type of fasteners, it would be a good idea to tape the mirror to the wall until the mastic sets up and reaches its full holding strength.

Some mirrors sit in a track which will help hold it, and still others have clips around the perimeter. The more methods to hold the mirror in place the better.



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