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Repairing Laminate With Contact Cement


laminate counterAs I walked through a customer's kitchen, my sleeve caught the corner of her laminate countertop and almost peeled the side piece clean off. That's not the way to start a good business relationship. She wasn't really concerned as I told her I would fix it. Had the piece snapped in half or broken off, I would have been in real trouble. I would have had to find a matching piece and would likely been out of luck.

Fortunately, the laminate strip was just flapping around ready to be glued back on. I started by sanding both the adhesive side of the laminate strip and the wood substrate is was glued to, to remove any traces of the old adhesive. I got some contact cement and prepared for a little magic.

The trick with repairing laminate is you want to give each mating surface 2 coats of contact cement, allowing each coat to dry before the next coat is applied. Also, don't let the surfaces touch until you are ready for them to. In this case, I stuffed a wood pencil in between the two surfaces which gave me plenty of space to work.

I like to use a sponge brush to dab on the adhesive on both surfaces until dry. When ready to mate the surfaces, I just held the flap of laminate, removed the pencil and pushed the laminate firmly against the wood substrate. You can even use a rolling pin to squeeze out any gaps.


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