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Shower Remodel Under $200


If your shower is looking a little tired, you can dress it upshower remodel inexpensively by doing a few simple things. The first thing to do is clean it! We work in homeowner's showers every day and you would be surprised at how nasty some of these are. I sure wouldn't feel clean after coming out of one.

Second, remove the old caulking and install fresh silicone caulking in the shower. Here are some details on caulking a shower.

Finally, you can replace all the hardware in your shower. This is easy as long as you stay with the same manufacturer of your existing fixtures. For example, if you have Moen fixtures in your shower, you can buy a Moen trim kit to replace your existing hardware. The same for Delta and Price Pfister. Don't try to use Moen handles, for example, in place of Delta handles. Each has different patterns of mounting the handles to the stems. You can buy new handles, shower heads, shower arms, and the decorative escutcheons to completely upgrade the look of your shower. This also applies to bathtubs too. The nice thing is that these upgrades basically twist off and back on. You will need a screwdriver to remove the handles. For the shower arm, use Teflon tape and wrap the threads to prevent leaks.


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