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Carpentry: How To Install A Small Safe


install a safeA customer called the other day about a carpentry job. She wanted to install a small safe in her house. She bought a small safe from a home center that fit her needs. A word to the wise: these are heavy! The safe this customer bought is very small (only about 1 foot square), but the walls are filled with concrete and it weighs a lot for its small size.

Part of the security of a safe, no matter what its size, is that you can't physically move it. So, the safe must be secured to the floor or wall. This small safe had holes in the base and the rear of the safe so that it can be screwed to either.

To secure the safe to the wall, push the safe into its final position and use a pencil to mark the holes on the wall. Move the safe away from the wall and pre-drill the holes into the wall studs. Move the safe back into position and bolt it to the wall using the provided lag bolts.

To mount the safe to the floor, you follow a similar procedure. For floor with wood joists, such as upstairs, again mark the holes, pre-drill and install with lag bolts. The difference comes when you are securing to a concrete slab. You will still mark the floor and pre-drill (you will definetly want to use a hammer drill for this). However you will need to use concrete anchors, such as "red heads" and then just bolt the safe to the floor.


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