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Weatherstripping For Winter


As it gets colder outside, the importance of sweatherstripping doorsealing air infiltration openings in your home grows. The same holds true for the heat of summer. The more the temperature grows away from our comfort level, the more important it is to keep the conditioned air in our living space. Weather stripping is very important for this and it is one of the most overlooked items in the house. Here is a decent article that discusses some low-cost improvements to your home to help keep the warm air inside and the cold air out.

Along with replacing the weather stripping around the doors, also replace the sweep on the bottom of the door. This is usually a rubber or vinyl piece that rubs on the threshold for a positive seal against the outdoors. 

Weatherstrip comes in a few different flavors. Much of it is a peel-and-stick foam. However, this is cheap and doesn't last for very long. I prefer the style that actually pushes into a groove around the perimeter of the door. It is shaped like the letter "V" and has a barb that pushes into thesaw kerf around the door. Installing weatherstripping is very easy. You can read about it here.

For the door sweep at the bottom, there are also different styles. A grooved sweep gets pushed into grooves on the underside of the door-it too has barbs to hold it in place. Another kind gets stapled to the bottom of the door. Then there is a retro-fit style that is shaped like the letter "U". It simply slides along the bottom of the door and gets screwed to the inside. The nice feature of this one is that it is adjustable and also comes in several colors.



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