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Bi-fold Doors Hit In The Middle


bifoldBi-fold doors need regular adjustment to work properly. The doors are not hard to adjust, but it seems to be a game of constantly fine-tuning the doors.

The key is to get the doors to the point where they have a uniform gap in the middle, and that they fully open and close without getting hung up on anything. To accomplish that you have to make some fine adjustments.

Look and see where the doors are contacting each other. Is it the top or bottom or all along the entire length of the doors? There are adjustments at the top and bottom of each door on the wall side. At the bottom of each door is a pivot that sits in a grooved bracket. This allows you to move the doors closer to each other or farther from each other. You simply lift the door and move it to the next resting point in the bracket. That adjustment will give you some space in between the doors, but you will also have to adjust the top of the door as well to keep a uniform gap between the doors.

For this adjustment, you will need to open the door. The top of the door has a retractable pin that slides into a guide in the track. There will be a screw you can loosen that will allow the guide to slide down the track. You need to make small adjustments until both doors work correctly. You will see a pattern of adjust and test. Once you have the doors to your liking, be gentle with them. You don’t want to have to do this every week.

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Bifold Door Always Needs Adjustment


bifold doorWhile moving a washer and dryer into the tiny closet area that serves as a laundry room in her condo, a customer just happened to hit the bifold door off of the track. Man, do I hate bifold doors.

These are doors that span an opening when closed and when open they fold in half and push to either side of the opening. They are also known as accordion doors. These types of doors always seem to need adjusting.

The hinge side of these doors are secured with a metal bracket to the jamb of the door. The bottom hinge side of the door has a pin that sits in a groove, and the top has a pin that sits in a hole at the top of the opening. The door opens and closes via a spring-loaded guide that rides in a track. When someone hit's the door on accident, it is this part that usually breaks off or comes out of the track (you can get all replacement parts at any home center). This part just pulls out of the door and you can push the new pin right back in.

If the door has been hit, you will likely need to adjust it on the hinge side. This means lifting up the door and moving it slightly on the bottom bracket, or loosening the top guide and slightly moving it. You want the end result to be a smoothly rolling door with uniform gaps around it and the other door it contacts. Here is some more information on adjusting a bifold door.

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